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  Name Status Address Last Seen
Rob's Moviesftp:// Aug 8 00:01:51 2005
Eleet MP3http:// Aug 12 07:00:03 2005
Simpsons Episodeshotline://(never)
Massive Attackhttp://(never)
Lotsa Sharewareftp://(never)
Open Source FTPftp://(never)
Mega Linuxhttp:// Aug 8 00:02:20 2005
Power Appsftp://(never)

What is ViperTracker? If you've ever tried to keep track of a bunch of servers you realize what a pain it is to provide links to them when their IP addresses constantly change and you're not sure if they're up anyway. ViperTracker eliminates this annyoance by letting any kind of server using any protocol update their IP address on ViperTracker. The tracker displays the server's name (e.g., "Ron's Shareware"), what protocol they're using (e.g., HTTP, FTP or Hotline), and optionally a port number or username/password pair for the server.

How does a server update itself? The update is done simply by accessing a URL so that it is easily automated by Windows' "Schedules" or the "cron" process on Mac OS X, Linux or any other Unix OS. See below for an example.

Update "Rob's Movies"
Update "Eleet MP3"
Update "Mega Linux"

How do I set it up? Detailed instructions are in the file "INSTALL" which is included in the distribution. It simply requires you to setup up your servers (called "users"), look over the configuration file (there are options for things like how long until a server is declared missing), and customize the web page you want to display.

What do I need to use it? You'll need a web server that has Perl version 5 or later and lets you run CGI scripts.

It's free, right? Regarding cost, you bet. See the LICENSE for details.

This is open-source! And hosted on SourceForge, I might add. Here are some useful links:

ViperTracker CVS Repository
ViperTracker Project Summary

Okay, so how do I download it? Go to SourceForge-hosted page for ViperTracker development:

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© 2002 Ian Langworth
ViperTracker is free software and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.